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Guide to Playstation Bios Images

First of all a Playstation Bios image is a piece of code/software. It controls many of the basic functions of the system. It is also the Bios you are dealing with when you start the Playstation without a PlayStation disk or if you listen to a music CD. Most freeware PlayStation emulators require a Playstation Bios Image to work. Commercial Emulators including the deceased ones use their own code embedded into the emulator it's self, this can be a drawback of these emulators as the code does not work as well as the original Bios code and can cause Incompatibility with some of the games. However I will come onto commercial Emulators later. It is important to note that the Bios were written by Sony and is subject to Copyright!

Legal Issues

This area is sort of a grey area I believe. I believe that it's legal to download a Bios image if you own that version of the PlayStation. ie. You could extract it yourself if you had the equipment and the know-how. As always www.TheGing.com is not responsible for your actions! Download at your own risk!

Bios-less Emulators

The following are commercial emulators that do not require a Bios Image to run:


Bleem is now discontinued. It had coded it's own Bios substitute and as such it was fairly legitimate. However it was constantly sued by Sony, Sony never won the court cases, but rather kept appealing etc... (Stupid American System!). Because of this Bleem simply ran out of money, and went out of business that way! :(

RIP Bleem!

Virtual Game Station

Virtual Game Station was far dodgier than Bleem, and had basically incorporated an original Playstation Bios into their software. And so it didn't fair as well in court cases! Because of this it was discontinued. However I heard that Sony had done some sort of deal with Connectix.

Playstation Bios Image Versions

The following is a guide to the different Bios Image versions available:

Name Region
SCPH1000 Japan
SCPH1001 America
SCPH1002 Europe
SCPH5000 Japan
DTLH3000 America
DTLH3002 Europe
SCPH5500 Japan
SCPH5502 Europe
SCPH7000 Japan
SCPH7001 America
SCPH7003 America
SCPH7502 Europe

The ones in bold are considered the best to use with emulators!
Note: The region doesn't have to match the region of the game you are trying to play!

Disclaimer: Download at your own risk. All files are off site links and unfortunately may be broken!

If you believe that any of the information on this page is inaccurate then contact me!

UPDATE: [05/01/04]
We no longer offer BIOS images to download for legal reasons. We suggest that you search on "Peer 2 Peer " Networks such as Gnutella or Fastrack. We apologise for the inconvenience.
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